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VENUS aims to internationalise prestigious courses, with international scope and importance, in each member university through virtual mobility, open to both students and citizens.

Virtual and E-mobility for Networking Universities in Society
VENUS aims to become a world-class example of cross-border collaboration between higher education organisations, businesses and citizens. The overall objective is to create a sustainable best-practice example of the “Faculty of Extension”, extended both in the sense of methods and target public. The content will focus on promoting European citizenship, collaboration and personal development.


The VENUS Handbook entitled 'Creating New Opportunities for Universities' has just been published. This handbook is based on the experience of the partners in the VENUS project who organised Virtual Seminars on a broad range of European subjects and a Summer School on the Use of Social Software in Business and Higher Education.

You can download the VENUS Handbook in pdf here.

Next to the handbook the Venus Consortium also published the Venus Summary Booklet and Recommandations. Available in pdf in three languaes, download the pdf here:



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